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We specialize in Web Based Services, Dedicated Server, Man Power & Custom built Apps

From web to mobile, we strive to design attractive and modern interfaces With Digital Maketing Solutions.

Founder Dheeraj

Dheeraj Kumar

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Founder of web portal e-Commerce business specializing in VW Automotive Performance Resale. Managed customer base and grew business from customers.

Pramod Kumar

Pramod Kumar

Business Development Manager

Pramod Kumar is responsible for Increase overall sales efficiency, profitability through excellent salesmanship, Develop and test unique business strategies and concept.

Jai Kumar Singh

Jai Kumar Singh

Chief Marketing Officer

Jai Kumar Singh have sound experiance of all marketing operations of the company and develop its marketing strategy and vision.He has extensive knowledge in a variety of disciplines.

Sushil Kumar Singh

Sushil Kumar Singh

Senior Software Engineer

9 Years experiance in PHP, MySql, Apache. Handle indipendent projects responsibility and manage team of PHP related development.

Md. Zeeshan

Md. Zeeshan

Software Engineer

Experiance of web design, php, MySql, Wordpress and other CMS. Responsible for frontend design Q.C. of Web based related projects.

Utsav Karn

Utsav Karn

Technical Manager

He is responsible for Manage engagement/relationship with the client and work towards the inputs/feedback from the People and team review.

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Ashutosh Kumar Amar

Head Embedded System

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Our environment fosters creative energy, communication, and collaboration.

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